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  • Date: November 2014
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Here at Steve's Aquatic Pet Emporium we have a huge range of Tropical fish for you. Whether its for the house and home or to put on show in a Dentists, Doctors or Care Home, you will be in ore of the range of colorful tropical fish we stock.

Some fish include: Tanganyika, Malawi's,
Middle and South American Cichlids, Plecos
Community Fish, Cold Water Fish,

We also stock Discus, Loaches, Rams, Barbs, Tetras, Sharks, Molly's, Guppy's, Dwarf Cichlids, Gauramis, Knife Fish, Fighters, Danios, Paradise Fish, Panchax, Rainbow Fish, Aquatic Dwarf Frogs, Shrimp, Snails and many more including some rare species, not common to the hobby.

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Our Range of Fish

The Biggest Pet Fish shop and aquarium in Scarborough. Please call in to see our range.

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We just love reptiles so why not call in and have a look at our Dragons, Snakes & Spiders.

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Here at Steve's Aquatic Emporium we stock the LARGEST RANGE of LIVE Pet Food.